Radio for the masses


I volunteered to find some suitable radios for the local roman catholic church that are keying up for jesus and broadcasting services on 27mhz (11 meters) in the Citizen Band. While I don’t receive the holy spirit myself i do get radio signals and their outreach potential. The churches receiver sets that they have been using have heard better days. The radio sets are given to parishioners that are unable to attend church on a regular basis. 

So far I could source the following for sub €50 from China (if customs doesn’t slap a big chunk of duty on it) 

I like the sound of the ATS feature the radio has. Think of it as a blind scan of the whole SW band. In about 2.5 minutes! it scans 2-30Mhz and stores the signals in a memory bank other than the 500 presets the radio boasts. It stores 1200 scanned stations in 12 pages of 100.

The name Tecsun (like Texan) PL 210 (like polonium 210) is from a family of radio sets that have been getting good reviews for the sensitivity of the FM & SW tuners and its 10Kc down to 1Kc tuning bandwidths. Power is via a mini USB accepting 5v and will charge provided 3xAA rechargeables.  

I might just have to test drive one before I bulk order. Anyone importing these into Ireland? get in touch. 

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