Irish Republican Radio Show Ends After 36 Years

After 36 years of keeping the Irish community in Melbourne informed of all things Irish, The Connolly Association is most reluctantly planning its final broadcast on Saturday 18 May at 9:30am. 3CR would like to say a huge thank you to the many people involved in the program over the years, particularly Jim Cusack who has coordinated the show for the past 16 years. Farewell and good luck!

hear part 1 of a 2 part documentary about the show from 3CR Melbourne

fess up radio suits

radio listenership in Ireland is in the high 80% range. it was low 90% in the 90s and it slid to a stop, and then a rise. In light on 18 years of time devoted to Internet Music / Browsing / Socializing networks and PC/TV gaming and online gambling iPods Smartphones YouTube and all other modern day distractions, are the radio industry seriously suggesting that radio listenership is as high now as it was in the early 90s ???? 

NEWSFLASH: there are still only 168 hours in a week. 

Listen, I like radio and I listen a lot. But I can not take the radio listenership figures seriously, a generation of spotify tumblr youtubers are not tuned to a radio station in the numbers that count, so fess up radio suits, the youth are gone, will you get them back? 

Quick insight into my very small survey of my followers radio habits on a Sunday Night

National Network Radio beats local & internet radio streams. Lyric & RTE Radio 1 gaining most listens (remember the sample size was tiny). So the long tail of radio is not in the Stations listened to, so where is it? It would seem to be in the mediums chosen to listen. FM DAB Online On Demand and radio via the TV (Saorview) were all mentioned, about the only things not mentioned were WorldSpace LW SW and digital satellite. Radio finds us where we are regardless of medium, and this has to be good for radio and its audience, except it must have duplicity of costs for stations to be on a growing list of platforms. It was Sunday night and nobody tweeted from their car or outdoor in anyway. And back to the sample size. ~10 replies of 2500 followers (twitter / facebook) not bad meme interaction but technically a very small sample. Thanks to all who responded – Happy Radio.



Radio Free Derry

Radio Free Derry and its organiser Eamonn McCann talking about getting “Radio Free Derry” back on the air.

“Thats was the summer of ’69” (educated guess) but if anyone has more details, please comment.

a recording of radio free derry

What does it take to become a pop radio DJ?

Documentary on One – RTÉ Documentaries 

Four in a Row – Showcase on Disc Jockeys

What does it take to become a pop radio DJ? Almost 30yrs ago, four djs tried to answer that question – Simon Young and Larry Gogan from RTE Radio 2, Janice Long from BBC Radio 1 and Declan Meehan from Capital Radio London. Top tips….. (Broadcast 1985)