Monthly Archives: October 2009

radio bicycle [1970’s]

@dojodub reminded me of this radio today, you had to zig zag your way
home to hear Radio Dublin 253m in Inchicore but Diamond 199 in
Fairview was perfect until you turned left near the shops. what a
silly design. but it worked better than indoor DAB on offer from RTÉ

broadcast convergence


“As technology speeds up content delivery, radio gains pictures and TV
audio can be heard in car. Online becomes IP over the air and
everything goes digital. This future may be more harmful to some
players who need universal access to the lowest common denominator
without seeding all control to private sector carriage. Public service
should have a distinct claim on spectrum and the types of codecs used
for the public good to balance the digital or advanced technological
divide.” Brian Greene October 5th 2009 illustration by @wally1