fess up radio suits

radio listenership in Ireland is in the high 80% range. it was low 90% in the 90s and it slid to a stop, and then a rise. In light on 18 years of time devoted to Internet Music / Browsing / Socializing networks and PC/TV gaming and online gambling iPods Smartphones YouTube and all other modern day distractions, are the radio industry seriously suggesting that radio listenership is as high now as it was in the early 90s ???? 

NEWSFLASH: there are still only 168 hours in a week. 

Listen, I like radio and I listen a lot. But I can not take the radio listenership figures seriously, a generation of spotify tumblr youtubers are not tuned to a radio station in the numbers that count, so fess up radio suits, the youth are gone, will you get them back? 

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